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Corn Hole


Jalapeno Eating Contest
The first ten (10) people to sign a waiver form will participate.
Each participant will compete with 13 peppers. There will be a one minute time period.
The contestant to consume 13 peppers under the time limit wins. Should time limit expire, the contestant with the least amount of peppers remaining will win.

Master Hole Hitting Contest
Teamed partners will compete against the clock, one partner will be blindfolded. A jalapeno pepper tired to a string will hang between their legs from their waist. The non-blindfolded partner will use the stage microphone to direct the blindfolded partner to position the hanging pepper into a jar on the ground. Five co-ed teams will compete for the quickest time.

Spam Put Contest
Shot-put a can of spam to see who can hit the target! Test open-handed skills at tossing a processed meat by-product for accuracy. Sign up is limited to the first fifteen (15) people.

Best Booth Design Contest
Teams are encouraged to creatively decorate their cooking spaces or booths. Throughout the day, judges will evaluate each team’s space based in theme, costumes,
setup, enthusiasm, and audience participation.

Chili Head-Gear Contest
Throughout the day, organizers will look for the most unique, innovative, creative, and original HAT. All entry HATS must show “The Phoenix Hill Tavern” and WAMZ logos on them.